Privacy Policy

This is how we use your information

What information do we collect about you?

When you first join our site we check your IP address to see if you are routing your traffic through a datacenter IP, for example a VPN. We do this to reduce fraud, as we sell a digital item it is not uncommon for people to commit chargeback and credit frauds. We use a third party service called, you can read their privacy policy here. If you make a purchase we will store your chosen billing name/email and address, to make this clear we do not have any access to your card details, ever. We currently use Amazon Payments and Bitcoin as our payment methods, our payment gateway is currently Shopify, you can read their privacy policy here. Finally we do use Google Analytics to track our sites traffic in which we have no way of linking any data to you specifically.

How do we use your information?

We do not currently partake in email marketing campaigns, therefore we do not have any newsletter opt-in. Our main source for marketing campaigns is via Facebook which is an optional sign in in the form of a 'Follow' or 'Like'. We will never share what information we do have on you with third parties, this includes your name, emails, IP and billing/shipping address. To make this perfectly clear, we do not ever have access to your payment details, those are handled by our third party payment processors. We try to keep as little personal information on our customers as possible as security breaches do take place, and we want to minimize the damage if that ever was to happen. Other than our mandatory request for a billing name, email and address as well as anonymous traffic based data we do not collect or store anything else.

Cookie Policy

We do not currently store any of your cookies, we do however use services which do. You can read up on Shopify's cookie policy here, as well as Google Analytic's cookie policy here.