Common questions and purchase terms

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept all major debit, credit and prepaid cards via Amazon Payments, we also accept Skrill, Payoneer and Bitcoin. If none of these payments work for you please do get in contact with us, with that being said.. We do not accept PayPal at this time, sorry for any inconvenience.

How do I recieve my order?

Accounts are sent manually, after payment you are encouraged to contact us via the Facebook Messenger icon in the bottom right with your order number and we will process it instantly if we are online, we will always send a copy of the account credentials to the email used during checkout also. Services are delivered manually as further information may be required from you, please get in contact with us via Facebook Messenger or respond to the email that is sent to you after successfully checking out. Tutorials are delivered automatically to the email address provided during checkout in .PDF format.

Can I obtain a refund for a purchase?

We do not offer refunds for tutorials under any circumstances, however if we have yet to deliver an account or service and you want to request a refund we are more than happy to do that, please note that we will not refund payments after delivery unless there is a underlying issue such as; the account we sent you was shadowbanned at the time of delivery.

Do you offer any support with purchases?

Of course we do, regardless of the value of your purchase we will always provide support both before and after the transaction. Please do get in touch with us via Facebook Messenger and we would be more than happy to give you a help in hand.

Questionable content?

We are not ones to enforce what is and what is not ethical to a degree however we will never break a subreddits rules, if we feel like a post or subreddit is going to go against said rules we wont be able to fulfil the service. We do not feel comfortable taking your money to fulfil a service that we know is going to be revoked via parties out of our control in the future, we also pride ourselfs in delivering high quality content, therefore spamming for a quick buck is not our forte.